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I want to learn audio engineering

What kind of audio production projects take place at Omega?

How are classes at Omega presented to the students?

What types of projects do students perform at the Omega School?

Does the Omega School offer hands on instruction?

What types of systems are students exposed to at The Omega School?

Does the Omega School teach students about the recording industry?

Q: I want to learn audio engineering

A: The Omega Studios School is the place to be for those individuals who are seeking engineering training that will put them ahead in the recording industry. Have you ever been inspired by a great recording? A favorite album, a hit song on the radio, an incredible orchestral performance captured on a CD, or a stunning soundtrack to a movie or DVD? Have you ever wondered how that recording came to be, or what went into producing a record that captured your imagination and stood out from other recordings? A vital link in the process of making any great recording is a properly trained audio engineer who is passionate about sound. At the Omega Studios School, you’ll learn from a staff of sound engineers, audio instructors, and recording industry veterans who live and breath the art of audio production.

Q: What kind of audio production projects take place at Omega?

A: Everything from classical music performances with full forty piece orchestras to vinyl transfers and everything in between. Hit records have come out of Omega, countless critically acclaimed jazz and blues recordings, demos for local bands, tracks and beats for hip hop producers, special interest features for the news networks, voice over sessions for corporate clients, and some of the most recognizable advertising jingles for radio and television. These sessions happen every day, and they all require well trained audio engineers to keep the project running smoothly. You could be that engineer, and it all starts with music recording classes at Omega.

Q: How are classes at Omega presented to the students?

A: Audio classes at the Omega School include lectures on fundamentals of sound and recording technologies, interactive demonstrations of software and hardware devices, lab classes in the studios and control rooms, and student projects. In order to ensure constructive hands on time, lab classes are limited to a maximum of seven students per session.

Q: What types of projects do students perform at the Omega School?

A: Student projects are an integral part of education in recording that students exp-erience at Omega. All of the audio engineering programs offered at Omega culminate in a project that puts the student into the role of recording session engineer. Group projects in the basic program allow students to exercise teamwork skills in pursuit of recording and mixing a bands performance, followed by an individual mix project. As the student approaches completion of the Recording Engineering and Studio Techniques program, he or she will take the reigns of an individual project that involves every aspect of the professional recording engineer’s skill set, including eight hours of hands-on individual studio instruction in the form of a comprehensive individual project. Check out the website’s school pages for a complete listing of all the classes included in each program here.

Q: Does the Omega School offer hands on instruction?

A: Omega Recording Studios offers courses in Audio Engineering in a professional environment. Our professional recording studios and control rooms serve as classrooms for hands on projects and student record sessions. The same high tech audio production facilities used by our demanding list of recording clients. Our instructors are experienced recording engineers with wide range of skills, from Pro Tools expert certified operators to music producers, sound designers, electronics technicians, live sound mix engineers, MIDI technicians, and video post production engineers. They’ll teach you the skills you need to learn to make it in this competitive field, the same skills they use everyday to track and mix recording sessions at Omega.

Q: What types of systems are students exposed to at The Omega School?

A: Audio education is our mission at the Omega school. Omega’s audio programs offer students the chance to learn about the art of recording on state of the art studio systems. Pro Tools systems are an integral part of each of our four fully equipped recording studios. In addition, large format mix consoles by industry leaders AMS Neve, Solid State Logic (SSL), and Api are at the center of our three main control rooms. Omega also offers a Digidesign Pro Control mix surface in our mastering suite, and a newly added Digidesign Icon in our Audio for Film and Television lab. These are the boards you will study and master as you pursue education in sound recording at the Omega School, because these are the boards you will find at professional recording facilities when you enter the workforce as a sound engineer.

Q: Does the Omega School teach students about the recording industry?

A: Omega’s Music Business courses provide our students with the kind of understand of the music industry that will help them compete and succeed in the ever expanding world of the global media. You will get the chance to learn about the smart road to success from record industry pros who have seen what works and what hasn’t. Promotion, networking, advertising, demos, resumes, interviews, concerts, showcases, workshops, writing, speaking, and getting exposure - how to make these tools and techniques work for you in order to land the job you’re seeking. Students in the Music Business courses attend lectures and Q&A sessions with notable music industry luminaries like Richard Burgess and Parthenon Huxley. Each of our lecturers has a long list of credits to their name, and they’ve done the kinds of things that our students want to know how to do: Selling a CD, publishing a song, promoting a concert tour, getting radio airplay, managing an artist, creating a showcase, and getting noticed in general.


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