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Personal Interview

Although enrollment can be accomplished by mail, we strongly recommend that you arrange for a tour of the facilities. Call the Director of Admissions for an appointment to tour the facility and to discuss your career objectives.

If you feel that you might qualify to enroll directly into an upper-level course within a program, or if you are unsure of your proficiency in English, an interview and possibly a testing process is required.


Studio D - Omega's Mastering SuiteDue to the technical and creative nature of the media arts and sciences, the early period of a graduate’s employment has been, and is still very much considered to be, a supervised position. Formal training in this field substantially shortens the time the graduate will spend working as a supervised assistant or “second engineer” after he/she becomes employed. In the media arts and sciences, there is no substitute for on-the-job learning and experience. The Omega Studios’ School believes that both the educational process and the student’s post-educational experience in a real-world job are equally important.

Secondarily, but just as significant, is the prospective employee’s ability to work harmoniously in a high-tension atmosphere for long periods of time. Omega’s Career Development curriculum stresses resumé preparation and self-awareness skills, while simultaneously helping to advise the student as how best to present him/herself to increase the probability of quality employment.

No vocational school can guarantee employment; the search for a job must be a partnership between the student and the school. The success of a student’s employment ultimately lies with him/her.

To this end, The Omega Studios’ School maintains contact with industry to advise professionals in the field of the availability of graduates; advises and trains students on interviewing techniques and personal development; and maintains contact with students for up to 24 months after graduation to provide additional assistance if desired. An exit interview with the Placement Director is mandatory.

The Placement Director can best assist the graduate when kept informed of any changes in employment, including promotions, loss of the job, or a job title change. A student must inform the Placement Director if he/she acquires or changes employment while still attending a program or after graduation. The student is responsible for keeping the placement department informed of all current phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, etc.


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