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The Omega Studios’
School Of Applied Recording
Arts and Sciences

Day and Evening
Certificate Programs

The Comprehensive
Recording Industry Program

11 Courses   608 hours

As the many and diverse disciplines within the music industry begin to overlap, graduates are finding employment in situations where, for example, recording techniques are useful in live sound, audio production techniques become a factor in MIDI sequencing, and basic recording/synthesis terminology plays a part in successful music business operation.

The Comprehensive Recording Industry Program provides you with multi-disciplinary skills in the audio recording, production and sound reinforcement industry to prepare you for entry-level careers requiring cross-platform operations (working with equipment, and using skills that “cross-over” and combine various, previously distinct, fields). Examples of these career opportunities include theater/live production sound engineer (working in Broadway/Vegas-style/cruise ship and resort/amusement park venues); MIDI-based studio recording engineer (hip-hop/dance music/electronica production houses, or live performers requiring this type of production); music producer/owner of production company (working in or owning a full-service independent production facility); and Sound Designer (working in video/film post production situations).

If you desire this intensive multi-program curriculum, the day schedule offered at Omega is planned in such a way that you can complete all programs in approximately 10 months, attending class from two to five days per week. The evening curriculum also allows you to take multiple programs, with completion taking place in about thirteen months. If attending the evening programs you will attend class from one to four evenings per week. The exact number of days or evenings you will attend class will be determined by the program schedule and the student’s level of advancement.

The Comprehensive Recording Industry Program consists of the following 11 courses :

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